Van Mechelen Trading recycles non-ferrous metals with or without galvanic coating, as well as selected special metals. Copper is one of the most common materials. At Van Mechelen Trading we buy, process and sell different types of copper:

  • CU1/CU2 granulate

  • Mill berry

  • Yellow Copper



Aluminium is a light and strong material which makes it very suitable for all kinds of applications. Various types of aluminium buy, process and sell at Van Mechelen Trading:

  • Beat

  • Hammered

  • Shredded

  • Poured

  • ALU blank

  • ALU profiles



If you work with cars or in industries such as plumbing, heating, electricity, construction or hospitality, you will come across a variety of electric motors. Electric motors are also widely used for industrial purposes. You will find a wide variety of metals in these engines. At Van Mechelen Trading we take care of the recycling of all kinds of engines:

  • Big engines

  • Small engines

  • Transformers

  • Trafo's



At Van Mechelen Trading we process all cables ourselves. This allows us to offer our suppliers and customers an extremely fast and professional service. The types of cables you can contact us for are:

  • Groundcable

  • Sea cable

  • PVC
  • COAX
  • Copper cable

  • Lead cable

  • Alu cable


Precious metals

Trust our expertise and experience. Van Mechelen Trading is a specialist in the separation of precious metals from industrial materials. Using high-tech separation methods and in accordance with environmental protection regulations, we process mixed metal scrap and separate the precious metals such as:

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Cobalt
  • Wolfram
  • Platinum
  • Ruthenium
  • Palladium


At Van Mechelen Trading, all materials are carefully sorted, processed and prepared for Dutch factories and export. You can think of materials such as:

  • Chips / motherboards

  • Zinc

  • Lead

  • Tin
  • Iron

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